Grandparent's Day is September 9! Paisley's Treasures are a great way to spend quality time together!

About me

My name is Paisley and I am 11 years old. I live in rural North Dakota with my parents, two brothers, two dogs, and my farm animals. When I’m not crafting, you’ll find me spending time with my friends, playing with my brothers, and teaching my Pug, Penny, new tricks! I also love sports, especially softball and swimming. I create all of my kits at home in our craft room with some help from my family. I hope you enjoy my kits as much as I enjoy making them!

My family plays a big role in Paisley's Treasures! Read on to find how my family helps keep Paisley's Treasures running smoothly.

While I am involved in all aspects of my business, my mom, Chelsea, helps run a lot of the day to day business, since I’m in school and after school activities. My most is the best free labor anyone could ask for!

My dad is the one who brings my craziest ideas to life. He will figure out a way to make it happen. When I said that I wanted to put my spin on wooden signs, he literally brought me a torch so that we can burn the wood instead of painting or staining. Who gives a 10 year old a torch?! The best dad ever, that’s who. My Grandma was worried BIG time!

My two brothers remind me that not everything needs to be unicorns and mermaids, but still love my unicorn and mermaid kits wholeheartedly. They are my low-key creative geniuses. They make the best video extras and comedic relief! They are also my biggest cheerleaders and root me on everyday. Cooper pitches in whenever I need help!

Together, as a family, we create my kits. I draw inspiration from my interests and passions, as well as my family’s interests! This business is truly a family operation, and that’s what makes it so special to me.

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